This is a hello post to commemorate the start of my blog. My pen name as you probably already know, is Saccharine. Even so, I would like to disclaim that words of saccharine can be bitter, tragic, depressing and sometimes even destructive. This blog would allow you, as a reader to enter my world. Each post gives you a glimpse of this and naturally, in every world there is an extensive scope of emotions and experiences. That being said, sometimes all one really needs to go on is a bit of bittersweet.

May you fully enjoy the posts to come,




And who was I to you-

Another aimless rendezvous?

A wafting scent in the wind

That you were so attracted to?

A taste of something new

That oh so enthralled you?


But new things always

Seem to get old fast.

Flowers when plucked off their stems

Are easily lost.


So where will this lead to?

For when a change becomes a constant,

It starts to fade away-

And then you say,

“What can I do,

When that change is you?”


It’s your quest

To try your best 

At peeling me apart

Like an onion.

Layer by layer,

I’ll show you a new skin.

Uncover me,

Take me in.

I’ll make you fear,

I’ll make you tear,

But don’t be afraid to begin.

Your journey is tough,

It stings and it’s rough,

But I swear to you,

The end is worth everything.

This girl.

This girl is strong,

She’s foolhardy, almost never wrong.

You either like her or you don’t,

This girl, so powerful,

You sometimes wonder what went wrong.
This girl, she’s funny 

And sweet and kind

And pleasant all around.

This girl, she makes everyone smile,

But something’s lacking in her own.
This girl, she’s independent.

Pretends she’s fine as day,

Helps everyone as she laughs and plays.

She is focused,

Stands up for what she believes in,

Makes everyone cower.

This girl, she’s unbelievable.
But this girl, she has a flaw.

This girl loves,

Sometimes too much, 

Most times even more.
This girl, she hurts for others,

When no one else hurts for her.

She feels too much of everything,

While everyone else feels almost none.
And because she’s so independent

And powerful and strong,

This girl, she carries

All her burdens on her own.
But everyone needs some

Support along the way,

And this girl,

She’s no exception 

To being human.
This girl, she starts to find it

Hard to smile and laugh

And make everything seem okay.
The burdens are getting too heavy

And she’s gotten too weak to fake

-So they drag her down.
Yet no one notices

-or maybe they just watch

In a most silent pity-.
This girl, she’s losing her shine

And suddenly everyone seems to forget

That this girl was ever even bright.
This girl, she fades to black

Waiting for someone to see.

Crying in frustration,

She’s lost out in debris.
She’s holding onto her independence,

Weak and powerless as she may have gotten,

This girl clings on to the remnants of herself

But as she does she inadvertently tramples

On her last remaining chances to survive.
This girl once the fiercest flame,

Has now died out in utter shame.

And this girl she now sees,

More than anyone,

What a terrible place 

This world could be.


You keep it in-

Like you’re holding vomit in your mouth and more is coming up,

But your lips are sewn shut and your eyes are squeezed tight

And you don’t know what else to do

But breathe and feel your heart

Wrecking havoc inside you


Wish it away and


Let your consciousness leave you for the night-

Just so the pain would too.